Lemonade Manufactury

Our Mission

The “Deutsche Limonaden Manufaktur” develops novel  lemonade products . We do not copy any existing products.

We develop new kind of more “mature” flavours for adults .We create fancy aromes and catch theses flavours in our natural lemonades.

Our caffeinated products are made out of the best ingredients. This is just how we fit the requirements of the best bars, luxurious hotels and top resturants worldwide.

Soul Soda can be used as refreshing energzier or as a perfect ingredient for Longdrinks and Cocktails
„The next level of excellent Drinking.”

Our Story

There are more than 400 different kind of Energy-Drinks, hunderds of differen Cola-sorts verschiedene Colavarianten, various Bitters and carbonated drinks.
Thus we wanted a “change and this exact wish was the impuls in order to create Soul Soda.
To create something really innovative it is a big challenge when developing a new type of product. Our business philosophy did not tolerate to copy any existing beverages.

Evolution of excellent drinking. Soul Soda.

Philosophy and Quality

Soul Soda is not a mass product.
You will not find us in any discounters. Not today and not tomorrow.

We are offering an alternative and natural caffeine source.
No taurine added
You can expect at least 10% Juice und and natural aromes in all our Soul Soda products.

It is highly important that we just use the very best ingredients to achieve high quality standards

Good old times meet good new future

We are commited to Vintage- and Pin-Up Style.
Soul Soda should remind you of the goold old times.

Not everything was better in the past but a lot of things were more honest and simple from the core.

Soul Soda builds the bridge to the past.

We love to offer a timless product and simultaneously maximum innovation.

“Enjoy the timeless soda beverages.”